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Presented by Dr. Nancy Fox

Saturday March 9
8:00 - 4:00 pm Eastern


Learn how to develop empowered self-worth, clear intention, and personal influence — by design. Letting Go is becoming aware, understanding, and mindfully guiding your processes throughout your day. 
Discover how to become relaxed in the midst of your decisions. Become the trusted team member with clear intention, and a designer of influence. Learn how to increase your personal influence first and foremost for yourself, then serving others through clear intention and designed decision-making. 

Learn How to

  • Breakthrough old patterns for better decision making with clear intention through momentary relaxation techniques
  • Learn new skills to help you make decisions faster/efficiently
  • Gain better results and get more accomplished
  • Influence others as “The Decision Maker: Letting Go”

Decisive Women: Letting Go - Event

  • Nancy Fox, Ed.D, Decisive Women author and Managing Editor, The Strategic Action Expert, The Lyme Education Tour


    Denver Beaulieu-Hains   Decisive Women author: "I Chose Life", The Benefits of Decision-Making for self and loved ones in the midst of Chaos


    Sarah Gifford, MA  Served as Executive Director in Mental Health Counseling, Enneagram Personality Program


    Susan  Hylton, LMT  Massage Therapist, Mind, Body, Spirit Connections Specialist

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